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H y d r o p h o n y

for the flexible orchestra

​for 10 clarinets, E guitar, harp, and double bass.
Commissioned and Performed by Daniel Goode & the Flexible Orchestra , Oct. 2012, NYC

The piece Hydrophony explores the travel of sound through the air and into the ear.

Textures played in the first part of the piece are being echoed in the second part,

controlled by the audience ‘playing’ their ears, experimenting with different ways sound gets to our ears (see illustrations for audience).


In the second part the conductor should conduct the audience, according to the instructions in the score

(if possible, recommended to distribute the handout enclosed to the audience), while the ensemble will be cued by one of its members.

The piece takes inspiration from the anatomy of the human ear, specifically from the middle ear in which

the three little bones called auditory ossicles connect the eardrum to the oval window of the inner ear, and along with the eardrum their function is to convert vibrations in air to vibrations in fluid, mainly water.

In addition, the acoustic construction and sonic behavior of the clarinet-- mostly it's nature to mostly produce the odd partials of a harmonic series-- was the departing point for the harmonic material.

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