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Whistling Wild


A site-specific, participatory piece for 100+ high school and middle school students
commissioned by Reut school of Arts, Haifa

Whistling Wild (2021)
for a large group of people, environment, electricity tubes in various lengths, cell phone recording application.

singing loud, listening hard, whistling wild.
The future is multiphonic

Exploring sound, listening, singing and recording.

The piece is a sight specific piece written for music students from Reut school of Arts in Haifa, Israel. The piece was commissioned by the head of music program Ophir Ilzetzki, to be performed by over 100 music student from middle school and high school.

The time/event score is based around the outdoors of the school: the yard, the objects around it and the materials available. A sequence of sound-actions is performed in different parts of the school simultaneously, exploring singing, recording, listening and experimental sound production.

The piece is performed by three groups, each of those divided into smaller sub-groups.
The first phase of the piece is done by going over the musical instructions with the highschool students, which at the second phase are leading groups from the middle school students and teaching the piece to them.  

Once all extended groups are familiar with the process and the materials of the piece, we perform it together.

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