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Speculative Evolution of the Wind | אבולוציה ספקולטיבית של הרוח


Wind Quartet for flute, clarinet, bassoon, horn

ca. 30'

excerpt 1

excerpt 2

This piece is in a way a collision of many interests i’ve been invested in over the past several years: prehistoric harmony, sound and environment, organology, catalogs and taxonomic orders, acoustics, diy instruments, many hours of listening to ethnographic records…

Within all the listening, thinking, researching and experimenting, i’ve found myself imagining different narratives for moments of discovery of the sonic potential in matter, and different evolutions: of sound, musical instruments, musical aesthetics.


Those moments are for me exciting meeting points between acoustic, aesthetic and human imagination: where our imagination meets the acoustic properties and how those are related to musical aesthetic, instruments and musical material and form.

The piece is somewhat a speculative evolution of wind instruments, but it is not an attempt to trace a linear, coherent one, rather a speculative, and at times imaginary possibilities.
The word evolution does not imply in this context a “better” or “progressed” models, rather represents a human tendency to master and control nature, and the nature of sound, and can possibly offer us some reflections of our human relationship to the environment.

The piece was commissioned by the Tel Aviv Wind Quintet and supported by the Rabinovich Art Foundation.

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