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School of Fish


sound recording, Installation, community-based process piece as part of Haifa Museums Art/Place residency


פרלמנט של ינשופים A Parliament of Owls
אופניים של דבורים A Bike of Bees
צבא של צפרדעים An Army of Frogs
רצח של עורבים A Murder of Crows
מיטה של צדפות A Bed of Clams
התאספות של אליגטורים A Congregation of Alligators משפחה של סרדינים A Family of Sardines
בלגן של איגואנות A Mess of Iguanas
כנופיה של דישונים A Gang of Elks
ענן של עטלפים A Cloud of Bats
ערב-רב של פרפרים A Rabble of Butterflies
רכבת של גמלים A Train of Camels
רומבה של נחשי-אפעה A Rhumba of Rattlesnakes להקה של דגים A School of Fish


An experimental temporary school– listening to/with the environment and a sound installation 

Following the topography of Haifa, from the mountain to the sea. 

The first part of the project was a group listening walks, focused on listening, recording and collecting sounds from the environment. 


The second part was a sound interactive installation which presents the sounds and artifacts collected, and invites the audience to listen and engage with the recordings by ways of collective listening, creating spontaneous layerings of the recordings, and creating “imaginary” soundscapes which augment our human perception of sound and place. 

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