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Museum of Extinct Sounds and Imaginary Water Creatures

5 performers, hydrophones, water tanks, various objects



photo: Uri Levinson

A visit to a museum of sounds from the future, with exhibits of underwater recovered sounds from the past of planet earth, and of new life forms that have evolved in this future world where humans cease to exist. 

The piece is a hybrid between a museum exhibition and an imaginary nature documentary. It explores the underwater sonic potential using home made hydrophones, and a speculative future for planet earth. 

The piece was developed during a collaboration with mocrep ensemble at the Darmstadt summer music festival 2016. It was later revisited and presented in Israel, LA and Santa Cruz with different collaborators. 

Excerpt: performance with mocrep ensemble at Darmstadt summer music festival
Excerpt: performance at HaTeiva, Jaffa 
early underwater sonic experiments
DIY hydrophones used in the piece
Release wih Indexical
Museum of ES and IWC (excerpt)Maayan Tsadka
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