2019 |

Sonic Botany | Ongoing performance project | tuning forks, leaves, bird whistles, looper

HOUWEIYA | voice, violin, cello, double bass | ca.6’ 

The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary | four double basses, tuning forks and leaves | ca.25’ 

EchoSystem | Audio-visual collaboration with Lior Ben-Gai

Proto-Music #1 | 3 performers+bamboo sticks | ca.20’

Reconstruct in Minshar | Gallery Exhibition | site-specific audio/video installation (with KinoEar)


2018 |

Simple Ratios | Open Instrumentation+electronics| ca.25’

Circling Ratios | violin, cello, clarinet and 3 circling bells | ca.20’

Piano Study of Beating Frequencies | solo piano (retuned) | ca.20’

KOOR | fixed electronic | 15’

De Stella Nova: On the new star in the foot of the serpent handler | piano, saxophone, double-bass, voice, electronics, lasers and tuning forks | ca.20’

An Audio Guide to Occupation | radio piece, 15’| part of the project from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea: a soundscape of an occupation commissioned by Radiokunst-Kunstradio ORF Vienna

SPHERE | composition and sound for video installation | 25’

Al Hamakom | sound installation| A-Genre Festival, Tmuna Theater | based on the report This is not a place for children: The lives of children of Asylum seekers in South Tel Aviv

Amplifikatsija Naturalis | leaves and tuning forks | ca.30’ | recording


2017 |

Partial Patterns on a String: Blues Artifacts (e) | violin and viola | ca.25’ 

Partial Patterns on a String [extended] (d) | tuning forks, piano, sine waves | ca.13'

Blind Date | for any number of people and open instrumentation 

Partial Patterns on a String (c) | String Quintet | ca.20’ 

Piano Exorcism | solo performance | piano and walkie-talkie 

2016 |

Museum of Extinct Sounds and Imaginary Water Creatures | 5 performers, hydrophones, water tanks, various objects | ca.45'

Eight Underwater Sonic Experiments | hydrophone, water tank, various instruments | ca.20'

Partial Patterns on a String (b) | Solo Cello | ca.14'

2015 |

Partial Patterns on a String (a) | Solo Cello | ca.13’ 

Piano Studies [i, ii, iii] | Solo Piano | ca.15’

2014 |

Three Ajaeng Etudes | Solo Ajaeng | ca.7’| Commissioned by Kim Sang-Hun

Music Box Office | for any number of people (non musicians) and resonant staircase

134 Pacific | for any number of people (non musicians) and metal rails

Three Phonetic Studies | for any number of voices and optional instruments | ca.11’ 

2013 |

Sumud | two Pianos and two Percussion players| ca.23’

Ear study No.1 | for Cello, Percussion, and audience participation| ca.10’
Hydrophony | 10 Clarinets, Electric Guitar, Double Bass, and Harp| ca.14’ 

We Are The Bees of The Invisible| three graphic scores | open instrumentation

2012 |


Ex Terriroria X | Clarinet, Cello, Piano, and trombone| ca. 6’ 

The Possibility of Un-Island | Solo Violin | ca.10’
Three pieces for toy piano | Toy piano & Glockenspiel | ca.6’